Allied Exploration & Geotechnics Ltd. (AEG) where commissioned by a leading Contractor to carry out an extensive ground investigation in Nottingham.  One of the principle requirements of the contract was to recover high quality cores of the weak Mercia Mudstone in order to determine (in the laboratory) realistic geotechnical parameters for bridge abutment design and construction.

At a pre-tender stage to the contract award, we sourced two new Geobore ‘S’ Wireline drilling systems from Atlas Copco. These systems were instrumental to achieving the objectives set by the client, which in relation to the coring work, focused explicitly on high quality rock samples and 100% recovery. Polymer flush was used to compliment the drilling work to ensure the stability of the hole even where the rock was in a completely weathered or destructured state. Even where regular standard penetration tests (SPT(s)) between core runs were stipulated, there was no additional consequential losses as a result of the coring methodology utilised (see photograph).

In addition to Wireline coring, AEG deployed cable percussive boring rigs, tracked window sampling machines and rotary open hole drilling equipment to provide the complete ground investigation package. The site team successfully liaised with multiple land owners in order to undertake works in locations which had a variety of different uses, from agricultural land to busy highways, public areas to private commercial holdings

EXPERTISE FOCUS: Road Investigation and Core Recovery